In this beautiful video Solomon tells part of Avole's origin story. The video screen will go black for a few seconds before starting to play. Watch till the end this is a gem.

Community Impact: Solomon, owner of Café Avole in South Seattle, discusses the significant changes in his neighborhood over five years, expressing concern over gentrification and the importance of preserving community culture and providing opportunities for residents to thrive.

Immigrant Roots: The story touches on the journey of Solomon’s mother from Ethiopia to Seattle as a young woman, highlighting the struggles and resilience of immigrant families. Solomon's deep connection to his Ethiopian heritage plays a pivotal role in his personal development and the ethos of Café Avole.

Cultural Heritage: Solomon shares a vivid childhood memory of learning to roast coffee with his mother, an experience that sowed the seeds for his future in the coffee industry. This story underscores the significance of cultural traditions and their influence on personal and professional paths.

Entrepreneurial Journey: Solomon narrates the transformation of a mini-mart into Café Avole through community support, personal sacrifice, and innovative bartering. His efforts to introduce Ethiopian coffee culture in South Seattle reflect a broader goal of enriching the local community with global traditions.

Community and Coffee: Café Avole serves as a social hub, connecting neighbors and fostering a sense of community through Ethiopian coffee rituals. Solomon’s ambition extends beyond running a coffee shop; he aims to create sustainable marketplaces for small Ethiopian villages, illustrating the powerful role of small businesses in community development and cultural preservation.